Empowering Women

In the fourth quarters of 2015 and 2016, more than 50% of young women in the 20- to 24-year age group were not employed or participating in education or training activities (Stats SA). Did you know?  Since 2012, National Stainless Steel Centre has sponsored female learners at the Southern Cross High School in Limpopo. They have since matriculated and are studying at top universities in South Africa. #EmpoweringWomen #DevelopmentIsAMindset

Modernism in Architecture

Around the beginning of the 20th century, a general dissatisfaction with the emphasis on revivalist architecture and elaborate decoration gave rise to many new lines of thought that served as precursors to Modern Architecture. Notable among these is the Deutscher Werkbund, formed in 1907 to produce better quality machine made objects. The rise of the profession of industrial design is usually placed here. Following this lead, the Bauhaus school, founded in Weimar, Germany in 1919, …

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