Sustainable Development

Unlocking potential through on-the-job training

Making up 36.2% of South Africa’s total population, young people (15 to 34) hold significant potential for South Africa’s future. But it is unlocking this potential that remains a serious challenge. While many youths are breaking new ground by becoming the first of their generation to be employed in formal positions or graduate with a tertiary qualification, 38.2% of them remain locked out of the workforce. If there was a ‘golden ticket’ to long-term employment, …

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A continental shift: Connectivity is key

Africa’s population growth is forecasted to expand from 1.2 billion today, to 2.5 billion by 2050 and, consequently, intensive planning is needed for this unparalleled growth – not just economically, but from an infrastructural perspective as well. Infrastructure development lays the foundation for economic prosperity and is key for the sustainable development of emerging African economies. Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, still have some way to go before undergoing the transformation into economic powerhouses …

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