Stainless steel: Unparalleled flexibility that lasts

Consumerism has forged its way into human culture since the early 1900s. Corporations, especially in the post-war era, planted the seed in the consumer’s mind that the product they were enjoying would become outdated at some point and that it should be replaced by a newer version, even though it still served its original function. Corporations subsequently flooded markets with ‘new-and-improved’ products, leaving fully-functional products to be discarded. Today, the spotlight is on sustainable alternatives …

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Equipped for Industry 4.0

Business organisations are expected to stay a step ahead of change in order to remain competitive and relevant in their markets. The business of the future needs to be at the forefront of innovation, deliberately deploying next-generation technologies like the internet of things (IoT), machine learning and robotics to increase productivity levels, maximise output and turn a profit. The South African economy is laden with challenges such as poor economic growth, negative financial forecasts, and …

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A Decade Of Precision

At its inception, National Stainless Steel Centre’s core focus was to provide high-quality stainless steel, alloys, duplex and super duplex to its discerning clients. The original 2 000m² facility in Jet Park, on Johannesburg’s East Rand, housed one CO²  3kW laser, one 180-ton press brake, a high-definition plasma and a shear guillotine. This modest operation was overseen by just four staff members, including current partners Ivan Obadic and Mischel Frljak. National Stainless Steel Centre eventually grew to …

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