Laser Cutting

Our laser department is equipped with state of the art laser cutting machines. The machines’ cutting capabilities range from to 25mm thick. Our fully automated sheet loading machines can accommodate plates sizes of 6m long 2m wide and are sep up for high volume production runs.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Our CNC programmable high definition plasma cutting machines have cutting capabilities ranging from 3mm to 100mm thick. Our extra-large bed size allows for oversized plates to be cut to precision and include dual torches for high volume production.

Water Jet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting facilities cutting capabilities of up to 100mm thick. Waterjet Cutting is done with five quality levels. This method of cutting is perfect for high accuracy on thick gauge material.
Please enquire for the required finish.


Our set of Guillotines are ideal for production runs of flat sections ranging from 0,9mm up to 12mm thick by 6m in length. 25mm thick over 4,5m in length. All our sections are levelled and deburred and supplied within required tolerances.


Our bending department is equipped with latest CNC bending brakes for high volume precision production work.
Conventional bending machines allows for bends to be manipulated to meet required shape and standard sections such as channels and angles up to 6m in length and 20mm in thickness.

CNC Tube Bending

Our CNC tube bending capabilities of manipulating tube from ¼ “ up to 2” to the require bending angles.

Section Rolling

Section rolling of standard flat bars, angles and channels including cut to size sections of up to 100mm in thickness to the required profile.

Plate Rolling

Flat plate rolling from 0,9mm to 30mm over 3m- 6 m in length.


Brush polishing of stainless-steel cut to size components and plates. We offer standard finishes and special finishes upon request.

CNC Machining And CNC Milling

Our CNC machining, milling and drilling are all done in-house, with machining on our vertical machining centre, up to 700mm in diameter.

Welding Capabilities

Our welding facilities are a combination of manual and automated processes.
Our automated welding processes robotics include:

  • Automated Robotic arm.
  • Fully automated for high precision robotic arm (mig and tig).
  • Automated CNC Submerged arc welding.
  • high quality, X-ray quality automated welding machine (Plasma tig).
  • Automated plasma tig.

Our manual welding processes include:

  • Mig
  • Tig
  • Arc welding

All of the above processes are accompanied with the required welding procedures and certifications upheld by international standards approved by AIA authorities.

Additional Services

  • Project planning.
  • In-house Quality control.
  • Local and international deliveries.
  • In house pickle and passivation.

We carry a range of duplex and super duplex alloys including standard grades.