Cut To Size

When it comes to stainless steel products, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. All projects are unique and have different requirements for metal elements. Here at National Stainless Steel Centre, we offer a multitude of stainless steel plate cut to size services to meet your custom requirements & needs.

Like sheet, stainless steel plate comes in standard sizes varying in width and in length but can also be customised to suit the application.

We understand that everyone has differing needs for stainless steel, with a wide range of industries making use of it for an equally wide range of purposes. It, therefore, makes sense that stainless steel plate cut to size services are crucial for ensuring the steel you’re provided with is right for your project and fits perfectly.

Stainless steel plates
Stainless Steel Plates Cut To Size

Our stainless steel plate cut to size cutting services include:

Laser cutting

The laser department at our facility is outfitted with cutting-edge laser cutting machines. These machines are capable of cutting materials ranging in thickness from 0.5mm to 25mm. We also have fully automated sheet loading machines that can handle plate sizes up to 6 meters in length and 2 meters in width, making them ideally suited for high-volume production runs.

Plasma cutting

The high-definition plasma cutting machines we use are CNC programmable, offering precision in cutting materials from 3mm up to 100mm in thickness. These machines boast an extra-large bed size, enabling the precise cutting of oversized plates. Additionally, they are equipped with dual torches, enhancing their capacity for high-volume production.

Water Jet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting facilities are equipped to handle materials up to 100mm in thickness. We offer waterjet cutting at five different quality levels to meet various requirements. This cutting technique is especially effective for achieving high precision on thick gauge materials. For specific finish requirements, please feel free to inquire.


Our collection of Guillotines is perfectly suited for producing flat sections with thicknesses ranging from 0.9mm to 12mm and up to 6 meters in length, as well as sections up to 25mm thick and 4.5 meters long. We ensure that all sections are leveled and deburred, and they are supplied within the specified tolerances.

Contact us today to find out how we can supply you with the quality products you need. For Stainless Steel plate cut to size enquiries, National Stainless Steel Centre (NSSC) is one of the leading steel manufacturers in South Africa. Through the use of our state-of-the-art processing machinery, experienced staff, TUV Standards and procedures, we provide quality products of international standards. Our cutting capabilities range from 0.5mm to 100mm.

NSSC is centrally located in the Aerotropolis mecca of Gauteng, Kempton Park near the OR Tambo International airport serving clients all over South Africa as well as Internationally.

With over 30 years combined experience in the Stainless-Steel industry, we serve all industries including Agricultural, Architectural, Automotive, Civil & Construction, Mining, Petro-Chemical, Water & Sanitation Sector as well as the Private Sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘stainless steel plate cut to size’ mean?

It refers to the customisation service where stainless steel plates are cut to specific dimensions as requested by the customer, ensuring a perfect fit for their project.

How accurate is the ‘cut to size’ service for stainless steel plates?

Precision is paramount, and reputable suppliers like NSSC offer very tight tolerances to ensure the stainless steel plates match the exact dimensions required.

Can I order stainless steel plates cut to complex shapes and sizes?

Yes, advanced laser cutting technology allows for the creation of complex shapes and sizes with clean and precise edges.

Is there a minimum size for ordering a stainless steel plate cut to size?

Minimum size requirements vary by supplier, but NSSC can accommodate a wide range of dimensions to meet client needs.

What information do I need to provide for stainless steel plate cut to size?

You should provide the dimensions, thickness, grade of stainless steel, and any specific finish or treatment needed for the plate.

How do I get a quote for stainless steel plates cut to size?

Contact NSSC with your specifications to receive a detailed quote that includes pricing and lead time.

What are the typical applications for stainless steel plates cut to size?

These plates are used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, food service, medical equipment, and more.

Are there limitations to the thickness of stainless steel plates that can be cut to size?

The ability to cut certain thicknesses depends on the cutting technology available. NSSC can advise on the maximum and minimum thicknesses they can handle.

How long does it take to process an order for cut-to-size services?

Processing times depend on the complexity and size of the order. NSSC aims to fulfil orders promptly while ensuring quality.

What grades of stainless steel plate can be cut to size?

NSSC stocks a range of stainless steel grades, including  310, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, 304L and 316L, which can all be cut to the desired size.

Does NSSC ensure quality control for plates cut to size?

Yes, quality control measures are strictly adhered to, ensuring that each cut plate meets industry standards and specifications.

Can NSSC handle high-volume orders for stainless steel plates cut to size?

With state-of-the-art machinery and experienced staff, NSSC is equipped to handle both high-volume and small custom orders.