All the Essential Information Regarding Plasma Cutting of Stainless Steel

When it comes to dividing stainless steel for your projects, you’ll need a straightforward, fast, and cost-efficient technique without compromising on quality. Stainless steel plasma cutting fits this bill, offering a rapid and economical solution. This method uses a diverse range of amperages and gases, enabling precise cuts tailored to various specifications.

The advantages of plasma cutting

The construction of the plasma cutting machine plays a key role in the resulting quality of stainless steel cuts. Imperfections in the cutting table can lead to issues with the angularity and smoothness of the edges. The good news is that world-class industrial plasma cutters can prevent such issues. They use specific gas mixtures to slice through stainless steel, resulting in cuts that are accurate and do not damage the material. The edges come out smooth and often with a polished look.

Plasma’s capacity to handle stainless steel of various thicknesses, from as thin as 3mm to as thick as 100mm, makes it a versatile choice. To achieve the highest degree of precision, it’s vital to select the appropriate plasma source and cutting table. Additionally, the right gases and output currents are essential to optimise cutting speed and quality.

The process of stainless steel plasma cutting

High-definition plasma systems are typically CNC-controlled, reducing manual input and delivering consistently precise cuts. Established stainless steel manufacturers can process large plates with advanced machinery that includes oversized beds and dual torches to meet high-volume demands.

Capabilities of plasma cutting machines

Stainless steel plasma cutting machines are adept at handling a range of stainless steel variants such as 3CR12, 316L, and 304L. They can even tackle coated or slightly contaminated stainless steel, provided there’s a clean, solid grounding point near the area to be cut.

Considering stainless steel plasma cutting for your next project? If stainless steel plasma cutting seems like the right fit for your project, consulting with specialists can provide deeper insights. Contact the National Stainless Steel Centre for a detailed quote and information about our plasma cutting services, and discover how we can assist you in achieving precision and efficiency in your stainless steel projects.

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