The Role of Technology in Stainless Steel Bending in South Africa: The NSSC Approach

In the world of industrial manufacturing, the art of stainless steel bending is pivotal. It’s a process that requires precision, consistency, and quality – all attributes that NSSC, a leading service provider in South Africa, demonstrates with exceptional proficiency.

A Cut Above the Rest

NSSC’s diverse range of pre-assembly services, backed by state-of-the-art technology, sets them apart from the competition. Their laser cutting department is equipped with advanced machines that effortlessly handle thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 25mm. This, coupled with the fully automated sheet-loading machines, ensures high-volume production runs and precision in every cut.

However, the technology arsenal doesn’t stop there. Their high-definition plasma cutting machines, equipped with dual torches, accommodate a thickness range of 3mm to 100mm, facilitating the precision cutting of oversized plates.

Precision Meets Versatility

NSSC also brings the power of water jet cutting to the fore, which is perfect for achieving high accuracy on thick gauge material. The guillotine services offered by NSSC are ideal for high-volume production runs, ensuring levelled and deburred sections within the required tolerances.

Bending: Where Art Meets Science

At the core of NSSC’s offerings is its stainless steel bending service. Embracing the latest CNC bending technology, NSSC’s bending department ensures high-volume precision production work. With the ability to manipulate bends to meet required shapes and standards, they accommodate sections up to 6m in length and 20mm in thickness.

NSSC’s CNC tube bending capabilities are equally impressive, allowing manipulation of tubes from ¼” up to 2″ to the required bending angles. Complementing this is their section and plate rolling services, catering to flat bars, angles, channels, and cut-to-size sections up to 100mm thick.

Polishing and Machining: The Finishing Touches

NSSC’s comprehensive service suite also includes brush polishing of stainless-steel components and plates, with standard and special finishes available upon request. Their in-house CNC machining, milling, and drilling provide exceptional precision, handling machining up to 700mm in diameter.


NSSC’s deep commitment to quality, coupled with its wide range of services, has set a new standard in the South African steel industry. Backed by a robust project planning framework, stringent in-house quality control, and efficient local and international delivery services, NSSC’s comprehensive solutions cater to a myriad of industrial needs.
By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to precision and quality, NSSC is redefining the stainless steel bending landscape in South Africa. Whether you require laser cutting, high-definition plasma cutting, water jet cutting, guillotine, bending, section rolling, plate rolling, polishing, or CNC machining and milling, NSSC is your partner of choice. Let us help you shape the future of your industrial applications.