Types of Steel Laser Cutting in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Stainless steel requires precise cutting to preserve its properties, such as corrosion resistance and strength. There are different ways to cut the material, including laser cutting, which uses intense monochromatic light to generate greater amounts of heat, which accurately and quickly cuts the workpiece. It works by vaporising or melting the most heat-resistant alloys in the material. As such, steel laser cutting in Cape Town & Johannesburg may be worth considering when working on stainless steel for any project.


Reputable stainless steel manufacturers offer high-quality laser cutting services for any application and industry. They have an experienced laser department qualified to use state-of-the-art laser cutting machines, enabling them to expand their cutting capabilities from 0.5mm to 25mm thick.

Steel laser cutting in Cape Town & Johannesburg is more effective with cutting-edge machinery and technologies. Fully automated sheet-loading machines can handle plate sizes 2m wide and 6m long. 

The manufacturer can configure the machines to handle high-volume production runs. Steel manufacturers follow TUV standards and procedures to deliver high-quality products that meet and exceed international standards.

Meeting your project requirements

Steel laser cutting in Cape Town & Johannesburg can accomplish custom shapes and unique details to meet your design needs. Laser operations can be configured to cut, etch, create slots or holes, mark bend lines, or make specific logos, images, or text. Stainless steel manufacturers can work with various grades and types of steel, including those for industrial, marine, and commercial applications. They can also customise high-strength and high-abrasion steels, structural carbon steels, and boilerplates.

Choose a reputable service provider.

Be sure to work with a reputable and experienced stainless steel manufacturer to access the most innovative technologies to make professionally manufactured steel products for your construction projects. The best steel laser cutting services in Cape Town & Johannesburg are available at competitive prices and can be customised to suit various applications and requirements. Get a quote from at least two manufacturers to compare their offers and costs.