Stainless Steel Angles – More Than a Common Profile

Structural shapes differ depending on the construction project, but one common feature you may observe in stainless steel buildings is the use of steel angles. Simply put, stainless steel angles have an L shape with flat surfaces that extend vertically and horizontally, meeting at a 90-degree angle. This design characteristic imbues them with strength in both directions.

Furthermore, steel angles can be manufactured with either unequal or equal leg dimensions, offering the ability to accommodate specific project requirements. This versatility allows engineers to tailor the dimensions of the legs according to the design needs, ensuring optimal structural performance and functionality. This attribute also makes steel angles a popular choice for framing and providing support in various contemporary structures.

Are there other reasons to use steel angles?

Besides strength, there are many other benefits to using stainless steel angles:

  • Compact and lightweight – These features make the angles easier to configure and work with, regardless of your application.
  • Versatility – Steel angles come in many different alloys and sizes. With the right supplier, you can get them in popular grades like 316/L and 304/L.
  • Low-maintenance – Are you worried about maintenance costs? These stainless steel profiles require very minimal maintenance as they are durable and corrosion-resistant. That means you can minimise repair and replacement costs, too.
  • Longevity – Stainless steel is a durable material that can help prolong your structure’s life cycle.

Customised for your needs

Did you know you can customise stainless steel angles? Manufacturers use a wide range of modern methods to do that, including laser fusion, cold drawing, and hot rolling. This way, it is possible to create angles of different sizes and with specific features for applications like framing and structural support.

Applications of steel angles

Many industries depend on stainless steel angles, mainly for construction, shelving, framing, bridges, support, furniture, and equipment. One of their most crucial applications is in highly corrosive environments, like marine, food and beverage processing, and chemical plants. In addition, architects use them to create visually appealing structures.

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