Why Doesn’t Stainless Steel Rust?

Choosing materials that are durable and long-lasting is crucial in construction. For this reason, many builders opt for reliable solutions, such as stainless steel angles, for a variety of uses. Trusted Stainless Steel Suppliers can customise these angles in different thicknesses, profile dimensions, and specific grades to match every need.
Stainless steel is frequently utilised in numerous construction projects due to its resistance to corrosion, making it a prime choice for a range of sectors, including marine, agriculture, automotive, mining, civil engineering, petrochemical, and sewage, particularly in harsh conditions.

What makes stainless steel durable and resistant to rust?
Stainless steel is an alloy of steel that contains at least 10.5% chromium. Chromium’s interaction with oxygen in the air results in the formation of a protective barrier that offers corrosion resistance, hence bestowing stainless steel with its renowned ability to resist rust.
Note that despite its reputation, stainless steel can still succumb to rust, particularly if the grade isn’t suitable for the environment or application. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is influenced by its chromium content. Consequently, some types of stainless steel may be more susceptible to rusting than others, but those with a higher chromium content are generally better at resisting corrosion.

Use an appropriate stainless steel grade for your project.

The right stainless steel grade that suits your application will ensure better performance and longevity. 304L stainless steel angles are ideal for indoor applications, or anywhere they won’t be exposed to too many corrosive substances and environmental conditions. On the other hand, 316L stainless steel is best for industrial, marine, and outdoor applications.
Additionally, proper maintenance is important to keep stainless steel rust-free for much longer. Check for scratches and other mechanical flaws that can destroy the chromium oxide layer responsible for corrosion resistance.

Where to get high-quality stainless steel
National Stainless Steel Centre can be your go-to Stainless Steel Supplier of angles and other custom products in South Africa. We’ll work with you to ensure the correct stainless steel grades for your application, so rust will be the least of your worries.