The Advantages of Laser Cutting on Welded Joint Production

Laser cutting offers a precise technique for creating welded joints, which frequently have complex connections and contours. A reliable laser cutting service ensures that these joints are produced swiftly and accurately, making them ideal for structural applications.

Welded joints are essentially the points where two or more pieces come together, forming diverse structures. While once a challenging and time-consuming task, the advent of laser cutting has simplified the process of fabricating these essential connecting components.

Below are some of the advantages of using laser cutting in the production of welded joints:

Enhanced assembly time and weight
The versatility and precision of stainless steel laser cutting enable the creation of various profile and tube interlocking solutions. This not only bolsters mechanical strength but also ensures the structure remains lightweight. As a result, traditional connectors like rivets and bolts become obsolete, reducing assembly time and complexity. This means less labour and decreased production costs.

Quality and accuracy
Opting for a dependable laser cutting service ensures that state-of-the-art technologies and equipment are at play. With the ability to process stainless steel thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 25mm, and with the support of a fully automated sheet-loading machine that can handle plates up to 5m long and 2m wide, you’re guaranteed impeccable precision. The outcome? High-quality, burr-free edges and laser-cut welded joints negate the need for any grinding. Such precision makes the subsequent welding and assembly process more streamlined, conserving both energy and time.

Time-saving process
Laser cutting can produce ready-to-weld components in a single process to save time. It cuts parts to specification, especially for larger profiles or tubes for making chamfers with different inclinations. The same goes for various inclinations through the cutting edge. This way, it’s possible to maintain the chamfer angle within regulatory framework parameters, even when welding between profiles and tubes.

Additionally, the laser cutting service can produce various geometric shapes for larger sections and tubes. This can simplify the welding process when including teeth for strengthening the joint. Moreover, it is easier to maintain the proper distance between the edges for joining.

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